Privacy Statement

I want to enable you to know exactly how this website works. Data protection is an underrated topic that deserves more attention. If you are interested, please read ahead.

Anonymous use, pseudonyms, progress sharing

It is possible to use this website's main functions without registering. Only advanced and individual functions (e.g. personal history) require an account, which can be created without specifying a real name, email address, etc.

If you chose to create an account, your progress is shared by default. That means anyone knowing your username is able to view your statistics, and your account appears in the global highscore table. (Only accounts that voted on at least 1 game are shown there.)

If you're uncomfortable with this, you can simply disable it in your account settings by unticking the 'Share progress' checkbox - this will hide your history and statistics, and replace your username with 'anonymous' in the leaderboard table.

If you voted several times without creating an account, your progress appears on the leaderboard as "(a guest)" without any further information about you.

IP logging

Your IP address is logged automatically as you use this website. This is usual practice and neccessary to protect against attacks, but will never be disclosed to anyone unless required by law. (To be honest though, personally, I don't think anyone will ever be interested in your activities on this website.)

This website does not block or restrict VPN or TOR IPs in any way. If you're facing difficulties regardless, please let me know so I can fix it.

Encrypted connection and password storage

Your connection is securely encrypted using state-of-the-art technology. You can verify the connection properties in the upper left of your browser. The lock should be green (meaning trusted). Click on it to view this site's certificate. If the lock is red, or if it was not issued by "Let's Encrypt", something is wrong!

Your password is not stored as plain text. Instead, it is individually salted and hashed using bcrypt with 210 rounds, which is currently recommended practice and considered secure by experts.

If you are interested in learning more about information security in general, have a look e.g. at Security SE or Crypto SE.

Ads, tracking, analysis

There is no additional tracking and no third party analysis, in particular no Google Analytics or similar. Neither does this site use Facebook's 'Like' or 'Share' buttons or the equivalents from Google, Yahoo, Reddit or anyone else, because I consider them invasive, virulent shit that has exactly zero reason to be on a website. If you like a website enough to care, just share the link directly.

Despite being pretty much harmless, I recommend you to use a good privacy plugin, (e.g. Privacy Badger or AdBlock) to protect against tracking and malware. Consider whitelisting trustworthy sites you want to support, or leave 'acceptable ads' enabled.

To see which basic information your browser allows websites to view, have a look at Webkay. You can check if your browser is safe against tracking at Panopticlick, which is hosted by the EFF, a nonprofit organization defending civil liberties.

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